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JeHALL compressors

From today in GERECO you will find the complete series of compressors J&E Hall , one of the world’s leading refrigeration solution providers.

Across J&E Hall we offer a single source of supply that is perfectly integrated with a complete end-to-end service, from the supply of products to their maintenance with continuous support.

Our service center can suggest professional installation and service solutions nationwide.
We respond quickly to emergencies and our extensive experience allows us to quickly resolve breakdowns and other problems.

Hallscrew compressors

We can supply a complete range of single screw compressors semi-hermetic and open .
The single screw compressor has only three basic moving parts which result in balanced compression with no loss of power and minimal bearing loads.
All units are designed and tested to international standards and offer a wide range of cooling capacities.

  • High COP and low energy costs ensure a low total cost of life
  • The unique design guarantees a bearing life of 100,000 hours
  • Can be repaired and maintained “on site”
  • Compact design

Semi-hermetic compressors

HSM / HSL for medium and low temperature applications

  • HSS for high temperature applications
  • Optimized for R134a, R407C, R404A and R507
  • 2-pole electric motor and electronic protection (INT 69TM)

Models Sizes in range Volume shifted

HSS / HSML 3100 4 175 – 292 m³ / h

HSS / HSML 3200 4 286 – 471 m³ / h

HSS / HSML 4200 4 504 – 828 m³ / h

HSO open compressors

For refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications

  • Suitable for all refrigerants including ammonia (NH3)
  • Continuous capacity control (2 integrated solenoid valves)
  • Oil drain connection, oil injection connection and universal mechanical seal (suitable for all refrigerants)

Models Sizes in range Volume shifted

HSO 3200 4 286 – 471 m³ / h

HSO 4200 4 504 – 858 m³ / h

HSO 2000 4 853 – 2486 m³ / h

Our spare parts and remanufactured compressors services have been configured to offer customers a wide range of solutions from a single integrated source of supply.

Unrivaled technical expertise and know-how, large stocks and fast deliveries have provided the foundation for our continued success.

When customers choose GERECO and J&Hall, they do this knowing that we have the skills, resources and approach to work with them as a trusted partner and a commitment to provide great service.




Piston Compressor Repair – Internal Code 7484

Piston Compressor Repair – Internal Code 7484

PISTON REFRIGERATOR COMPRESSOR REPAIR Repair of a seized fridge compressor Compressore consegnato in quanto bloccato meccnicamente.Ripristinato albero motore, grippato, e sostituite le parti compromesse o usurate. Before delivering any repaired...

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Seized piston compressor repair – Internal code 7497

Seized piston compressor repair – Internal code 7497

GRIPPED REFRIGERATOR COMPRESSOR REPAIR Repair of a seized piston compressor Compressor delivered as returned in trade-in upon sale of an overhauled compressor. The delivered compressor was mechanically blocked. Seized crankshaft restored and...

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Open screw compressor O.S. 95

Open screw compressor O.S. 95

Bitzer open screw compressor O.S. 95 With the development of the new BITZER OSKA95 series, GERECO extends its offer of open screw compressors for industrial ammonia systems for cooling, air conditioning and heat pumps.Typical uses of these...

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A great service

A great service

Maintenance of industrial compressors GERECO, which for over twenty years has been operating in the distribution and repair of refrigeration compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning, has been the "sole partner" of BITZER for decades, as...

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