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BOCK Compressors

From today in GERECO you will find the complete series of Bock compressors , a world leader in technology, innovation and development of solutions in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning of the air.

The Bock compressors and condensing units that we present to you are successfully used in a wide variety of areas and applications and are available with any type of refrigerant : R1234yf , R1234ze, R1270 (Propylene), R134a, R22, R290 (Propane), R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R454C, R455A, R507, R513A, R744 2 sub>).

HG compressors

The HG series is based on the classic suction gas-cooled compressor technology, according to the latest state of the art.

Smooth operation, easy maintenance, high performance and reliability are the distinguishing features of these modern compressors.

The semi-hermetic compressors have been completely optimized in terms of energy efficiency .
The new models feature an “e” for greater efficiency, offer mechanical improvements, compact design and easy-to-connect connections.

HA compressors

The semi-hermetic HA series has been specially developed for low temperature cooling and prevents excessively high flow temperatures.

The drive motor and cylinder heads of this reciprocating compressor are air-cooled via a compact ventilation unit. The refrigerant gas is sucked and condensed directly by the compressor.

LG compressors

The semi-hermetic LG series is specially designed for low GWP HFO refrigerants . This means that we can offer a portfolio of compressors with technologies suitable for all synthetic refrigerants .

CO compressors 2

Compressors key components for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications and systems in the air conditioning, cooling, heating, heat recovery and heat pump sectors.

We rely on the use of future-proof natural refrigerants , such as CO 2 (R744) .

ATEX compressors

Compressors compliant with ATEX / IECEx requirements.

Electrical and mechanical equipment operating in explosive atmospheres and must meet the so-called ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) or IECEx conditions.
For this application, the system manufacturer must use compliant and correspondingly marked components.
In potentially explosive atmospheres , semi-hermetic gas-cooled compressors of the HG series are required, compliant with EN 80079-34 and with ATEX and IECEx requirements .

HC compressors

Compressors for hydrocarbons meet all the requirements of the F-Gas regulation and can be used in the long term .
This means planning for safety for plant manufacturers, users and investors.
For the use of R290 / R1270 , a special compressor variant for hydrocarbons has been developed.
The HC range has evolved from the powerful HG series semi-hermetic compressor and has been holistically optimized to meet the special requirements of flammable refrigerants.

HGZ compressors

Based on the HG series, a series of two-stage compressors has been developed for extended use in low temperature cooling.
The HGZ compressor series features a 6-cylinder compressor which is currently available in two versions.
The HGZ compressor is alternatively available with a medium pressure mixing line as an accessory or as a pre-mounted version.

Single and two-stage condensing units SHG / SHA / SHGZ

Condensing units are the ideal solution for any refrigeration and ambient temperature application.
The condensing units in the SHA versions for air-cooled compressors, SHG for gas-cooled compressors and the two-stage SHGZ versions offer maximum reliability and efficient operation.

F compressors

The F series compressors are ideal for the high demands of sea transport : for air conditioning cabins and cooling supplies on passenger ships, containers or fishing boats .
In the stationary refrigeration sector, reciprocating compressors offer extremely easy handling.
And this even in difficult conditions such as unreliable or variable motor power.

HG (UL) compressors

The new UL-HGe approved series is a stand-alone series that incorporates all the advantages of the decades-proven suction gas-cooled HG series and fulfills all relevant safety features for the US and Canadian markets .
The range of semi-hermetic compressors is certified UL and has been further optimized: UL-HGe compressors are efficient, robust and compact.
The compressors have been designed for a wide range of applications.

BOCK mobile applications

FK compressors

For vehicles for cooling buses , railways and transport.
Compressors for vehicles of the FK series are the result of decades of experience and innovation. They are designed for use in bus and rail air conditioning as well as transport refrigeration and market leaders in vehicle compressors worldwide.
Particularly noteworthy is the compressor FK40 , which looks back on a long career. Since the beginning of its development, it has met the high quality requirements that are fundamental for efficient air conditioning and cooling.
FK40 stands for innovation: over the years, the entire series has been constantly further developed and adapted to the needs of new refrigerants and fields of application.

HG semi-hermetic mobile compressors

The suction gas-cooled aluminum reciprocating compressors, based on the classic HG compressor series in gray cast iron, are specially designed for mobile refrigeration applications due to their lightweight construction.
They are 40% lighter and have a low overall height, which makes them particularly suitable for mounting on the roof of vehicles.
Together with the robust K-design valve plate, specially developed for bus air conditioning, they are the first choice for electrical applications.
With the special oil management, the mobile aluminum compressors are also suitable for large angles of inclination.

CO2 compressors for mobile applications

The innovative “star” design of the StarCO2mpressor opens up new possibilities in the air conditioning of electric buses and trains: space-saving roof installation thanks to the lowest overall height and lowest weight in the industry.
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat production with a CO 2 heat pump without additional heating even at outside temperatures down to -20 ° C.





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