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Here at GERECO since 1997 we have been engaged in maintenance and repair of industrial and commercial refrigeration compressors , of all sizes and powers, of the largest world brands: open and semi-hermetic, reciprocating and screw compressors (single screw and bi-rotor), always and exclusively with original spare parts .

We work in this way starting from the first contact with the customer, up to after-sales assistance, both on compressors for industrial refrigeration and for those used in air conditioning systems.

To guarantee the best quality and maximum performance of a system, it is necessary that each of its components work without problems and reliably, in particular the refrigeration compressor, which is its “beating heart”.

When it comes to mechanical and electrical spare parts for refrigeration compressors, we always guarantee the quality of original spare parts . All the main spare parts are always available in our warehouse and this allows us to supply them within 24 ÷ 48 hours .
For obsolete models, each spare part is still available for at least ten years after the product is discontinued.

Saving time, effort and, of course, money are crucial in any business.
Original spare parts not only preserve the value of the compressor, but also offer an exceptionally long service life, a perfect match, shorter downtime and unparalleled effectiveness.

Experience in numbers: over 7600 repairs – maintenance

Only experience, through intense activity over time, allows you to know and fully understand the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the various refrigeration compressors. These are complex devices of which, with time, school and experience, we have learned every little technical detail.

It is precisely through school and continuous updates that we have been able to “bring back to life” thousands of compressors by disassembling them, replacing damaged or worn parts, and reassembling them meticulously with the use of special equipment and mounting and calibration devices.

Traceability of each intervention

The compressors for which an overhaul or repair is required are photographed on several fronts and in detail before carrying out any sort of operation and are also individually registered to have their traceability over time.
We fill in the estimate sheets with the detail of the mechanical or electrical parts damaged and to be replaced, eg: shaft, connecting rods, pistons, pins, stator, resistors, etc.

We are equipped with departments for mechanical processing, areas dedicated to washing and rooms for mechanical and electrical testing.

In collaboration with specialized workshops, we provide special mechanical processes, such as chrome plating and grinding and rewinding of stators.

Adequate repair time

After approval of the planned operations, we supply the parts with original spare parts, their assembly, calibration , < strong> general lubrication of compressors and rigorous mechanical and electrical tests.

Operating times are speeded up thanks to the availability of most of the spare parts, stored in our warehouse or their immediate availability from partner suppliers.

The overhaul of the compressors takes place according to the following processing steps with original spare parts:

  • Unloading from the means of transport.
  • Compressor coding (attribution internal code GERECO Service).
  • Compilation of the processing sheet and taking photographs of the state of the compressor.
  • Taking additional photos of the compressor before and during disassembly.
  • Oil drain (to be disposed of).
  • Complete disassembly of all mechanical and electrical parts.
  • Compressor / component analysis.
  • Verification of the photographs taken.
  • Check the tolerances of connecting rods, bushings, cylinders, pistons, shafts, gears, with special measuring instruments.
  • Electric stator rewinding.
  • Parts washing with detergent.
  • Internal sandblasting with glass microspheres.
  • Rinsing to remove abrasives.
  • Replacement of worn mechanical parts with new ones.
  • Reassembly of the compressor.
  • Vacuum and pressure electrical testing.
  • Check the absorption of the electrical phases.
  • Tightness test of valve plates in vacuum and pressure.
  • Test the oil pump.
  • Pressing with nitrogen to check the seal.

When the work is completed, the review sheet for ten essential checks is filled out. The card, parallel to the traceability code, will be kept in our archives.

Scheda fine revisione GERECO Service

A GERECO Service end-of-review sheet

Types of compressors repaired and overhauled

We prepare ourselves with periodic updates at the manufacturers, for the overhaul and repair of reciprocating piston and rotary screw refrigeration compressors, whether they are open or semi-hermetic. The compressors are completely regenerated to meet the standards required for all practical purposes, through cleaning and replacement of old components with new ones, ensuring the mechanical tolerances prescribed by the manufacturers.

Brands dealt

We specialize in the overhaul of industrial and commercial refrigeration compressors. The workshop is able to guarantee a qualified overhaul service for refrigeration compressors of all sizes and powers, of the major world brands, such as:

  • Bitzer
  • Dorin
  • Frascold
  • Daikin
  • McQuay
  • J & amp; E Hall
  • Fusheng
  • Bock
  • Hanbell

Revisions scheduled according to manufacturer specifications

We record the regenerated compressors by means of a traceability code. This allows us to draw the attention of users to the periodic scheduled overhaul of the compressors according to the prescriptions of the manufacturers or based on the more or less demanding applications to which they are subjected in the systems.



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