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SDS silencers 500 ÷ 1100 130 bar

Range suitable for transcritical CO2 refrigerant

Range for powers between 7 kW and 439 kW l for HFC refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R507 and R410A

The SDS 500 ÷ 1500 silencers are suitable for reducing the noise caused by gas pulsations in the exhaust line in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

These pulsations usually come from piston compressors or from screw compressors.
The silencers are basically made up of the casing inside which the deflection plates are placed. The internal volume of the devices mainly depends on the displacement of the compressor, although, for the choice of the silencer, the frequency and intensity of the sound waves must be considered.

The SDS 500 ÷ 1500 exhaust silencers do not act on the mechanical vibrations transmitted through the pipes from the compressors; this is the specific role of VA vibration dampers.

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