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Intake accumulators

TECNAC suction accumulators – distributed by GE.RE.CO. srl of Cesano Boscone Milano – are containers capable of retaining the refrigerant in the excess liquid state in the bottom, ensuring that the refrigerant in the suction of the compressors is absolutely in the vapor state.

The refrigerant inlet pipe is designed so that the liquid bathes the container walls, absorbing all possible heat and thus promoting maximum evaporation. In addition, the suction accumulators have an outlet pipe for gas suction only from the top, with a calibrated dosing orifice to recover the lubricating oil in the right proportion.

At the same time, the accumulator prevents the entrainment of dirt and solid substances that could damage the compression chambers.

There are also suction accumulators complete with heat exchangers designed to accelerate and optimize the evaporation of all the liquid refrigerant.

TECNAC suction accumulators are available in different solutions for operation with the following refrigerants:

  • HCFC22, HFC134a, HFC404, HFC507, … etc.
  • HFC410A
  • R744 – CO2 (subcritical)
  • R744 – CO2 (transcritical)
  • R717 – NH3 (special on request)

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