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Coaxial evaporators and condensers

TECNAC counter-current exchangers – distributed by GE.RE.CO. srl of Cesano Boscone Milan – are used for installation on air conditioners / heat pumps and on industrial and civil refrigeration systems. The high efficiency of the coaxial exchangers is guaranteed by the forced circulation of fluids in counter current.

TECNAC coaxial exchangers are available for operation with all HFC refrigerants; in 42bar version for HFC410A refrigerant.

The fittings are equipped with female threaded steel (FPT) connections on the water side and copper to be welded (ODS) on the refrigerant side.

The TECNAC counter-current heat exchanger range is available in the following versions and sizes:

  • Capacitors: nine sizes, from model CN-70 to CN-800 with nominal powers from 6.6kW to 80kW
  • Evaporators: nine sizes, from model EV-40 to EV-750 with nominal powers from 4.4kW to 75kW

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