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OREF flake ice makers - HAMS series

The OREF-HAMS ice makers produce from 1,000 to 15,000 kg / 24h of excellent quality flake ice, ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications.

The ice makers OREF-HAMS are completely autonomous production equipment with auxiliary refrigeration circuit for water pre-cooling, complete with water supply tank, secondary evaporator, compressor, filter, cooler , economizer, liquid refrigerant receiver, primary evaporator, compressor, separator, filter cooler and condenser, with refrigerants R448A or R449A, R513A, NH3, etc.

24/7 ice production can also be adjusted as needed via panel timer or photoelectric cell level control (options).

Industrial and commercial use

The quality characteristics of the flake ice produced by OREF-HAMS meet the needs for better preservation of the most delicate and perishable foods.
For over twenty years, OREF-HAMS ice generators have been used with satisfaction by numerous manufacturers and traders.

High efficiency

Greater subcooling of the ice determines its longer life. OREF-HAMS produces ice with very high cooling capacity per kilogram.
The scraper removes excess water to guarantee and preserve up to 100% the hardness and quality of the ice produced.

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