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As a highly perishable food, fish begins to deteriorate rapidly as soon as it is caught. Without adequate storage of the product, bacterial, enzymatic and chemical processes rapidly reduce its shelf life, causing dehydration and deterioration.
This process is further accelerated by the increase in temperature and damage such as: bruises, cuts, scratches and contamination. The key to fish conservation is its immediate cooling at the time of capture or harvest to a temperature slightly above freezing and maintaining this temperature throughout the cold chain.

SLURRYOREF, designed and produced by OREF INDUSTRIE srl Cesano Boscone Milan, is the new technology proposed to maximize the cooling speed of the fish.
After three years of research and testing, OREF has developed the new SLURRYOREF formula, now well recognized, not only as an incomparable cooling technology, but also as an excellent storage medium

SLURRYOREF, thanks to a precise concentration of O3, with a strong anti-oxidant and sanitizing action, slows down the decomposition process of the product by interrupting bacterial proliferation and considerably increasing its shelf-life.

SLURRYOREF has the following advantages:

  • increase in the shelf life of the product
  • absence of spores, fungi, microbes, germs or bacteria
  • improvement of the quality of the food product
  • lack of diffusion of odors in the exhibition phase
  • elimination of the risk of cross contamination, even with other products on the sales counter.

SLURRYOREF guarantees a fast and uniform cooling of the fish, since it allows a more intimate and complete contact with its surface than flake ice or traditional ice mixes. Such global contact minimizes bruising or other damage to the product because SLURRYOREF has a semi-liquid consistency.

Today, SLURRYOREF is increasingly used to refrigerate, store and transport fish on fishing vessels and barges, in factories and processing plants.
Success has been found for nearly all major fish species, such as: tuna, sole, salmon, cod, haddock, hake, herring, mackerel, sardine, shrimp, mussel and lobster.

In the current negative global financial situation, the fishing industry will need more than ever to achieve greater operational efficiencies and improve product quality.

SLURRYOREF determines a substantial improvement in the shelf life of fish products: from five days with flake ice, to fifteen days. It also resulted in the significantly slower formation of total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) and trimethylamine nitrogen (TVM-N) after eight days of storage. A similar inhibitory effect on quality loss mechanisms has also been reported for sardine, with a longer shelf life of fifteen days soaked in SLURRYOREF compared to eight days in flake ice.

The presence of sodium chloride in the suspension of SLURRYOREF, with concentrations similar to those found in sea water, exerts dual effects, i.e. a greater effect of preservation and protein stabilization of muscle tissue with consequent greater yields during storage, or freezing.

The challenges lie in identifying the optimal cooling and storage conditions for each fish product, and then designing systems that can accurately control the temperature and salinity of the SLURRYOREF blend at levels suitable for each different application.

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