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Liquid receivers

Bitzer’s horizontal and vertical liquid receivers, available for HFC, ammonia (NH3), hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigerants, meet the different requirements of refrigeration and

air conditioning. Service temperatures between -10 ° C and 120 ° C are allowed with a maximum allowable pressure of 45 bar.

Standard refrigerants

  • Horizontal models
  • Vertical models
  • Horizontal models for high refrigerant flow rates
  • Horizontal models for condensing units
  • Vertical models for condensing units

R410A / CO₂ (subcritical)

  • Horizontal models of the K series
  • Vertical models of the K series


  • Horizontal models of the P series
  • Vertical models of the P series

Ammonia NH₃

  • Horizontal models of the A series

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