Bitzer open screw compressor O.S. 95

Compressore a vite aperto

With the development of the new BITZER OSKA95 series, GERECO extends its offer of open screw compressors for industrial ammonia systems for cooling, air conditioning and heat pumps.
Typical uses of these compressors include refrigeration and freezing cold rooms, blast chillers, process chillers and ice sports systems.
The on-board IQ MODULE ensures, among other things, complete protection of the compressor and allows the latter to communicate with the system control unit, eg. via Modbus.

The compact structure and joint protection allow OSKA95 screw compressors to be easily integrated into new systems as well as existing ones.

With six models, in a volumetric capacity range from 535 to 1015 m³ / h at 2900 rpm, the OSKA95 series offers a cooling capacity, with R717 in freezing applications, between approximately 200 kW and 400 kW and, at the time itself, heating performance, in heat pump mode, from about 750 kW to 1500 kW per compressor.
The parallel operation of the compressors allows to further expand the power range.
All models offer high investment security, can be easily put into service and, thanks to the integrated communication interfaces, offer quick and convenient assistance.

The new OS.95 series proposed by GERECO represents the most advanced screw compression technology for industrial refrigeration applications.
The OSA.9593 and OSA.95103 compressors mark the beginning of a new product line with the following features:

  • Application with natural refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
  • Volumetric flow rates up to 1015 m³ / h
  • Extraordinary efficiency at maximum and reduced loads
  • Extended intervals for the replacement of parts subject to wear
  • GERECO global assistance
  • Innovative design of the 4/6 tooth rotor: greater sealing, better volumetric efficiency and reduced structural vibrations
  • Double spool technology: integrated continuous capacity adjustment (CR), automatic Vi control for greater efficiency at full and reduced loads, spool
  • position detection by SPI
  • Suitable for operation with variable rotation speed: from 1500 to 4000 rpm
  • Integrated IQ module with advanced protection, monitoring, control, data log, analysis and communication functions: digital and analog I / O, Modbus,
  • Bluetooth, wired and factory tested sensors and actuators
  • ECO mode to optimize efficiency at each refrigerator load
  • Testing: CE, EAC, DNVGL


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