Here are our refrigeration compressor mechanical training courses

The courses prepared by GERECO Service show you, in depth, the function of the compressor in a refrigeration system. They present basic information on the construction and use of reciprocating piston compressors. Each lesson includes hands-on laboratory applications on preventative compressor maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and repair.

The GERECO Service school is entrusted to our technicians, specialists in the mechanics of refrigeration compressors for air conditioning, for refrigerated cabinets, industrial refrigeration units, compressors for automotive and marine applications, working with any type of refrigerant: HFC, HF, CO 2 , etc.

You will learn to recognize the functional anomalies of the compressors, before they can turn into major failures, to disassemble and reassemble them, to replace the defective or worn parts with original spare parts, to test them mechanically and electrically.

Our school offers effective theoretical and, above all, practical training programs on refrigeration compressors, aimed at refrigeration technicians in charge of running and maintaining civil and industrial refrigeration systems. If required, the training program can be tailored to individual specific needs, helping technicians reliably manage system efficiency and reduce the risk of sudden failures.

The school has a specific classroom for training, theoretical learning and a workshop for practical experimentation on any type of open or semi-hermetic piston or screw refrigeration compressor.

The course proposed by Gereco Service is aimed at providing:

  • Ability to mechanically evaluate the condition of the individual components of the compressor.
  • Ability to evaluate and analyze the state of the motor and of each electrical part.
  • Ability to evaluate individual components in terms of tolerances and clearances.
  • Autonomy in the repair of semi-hermetic piston compressors.

All the lessons will be mainly practice-oriented, so that, once back home, you can be absolutely autonomous and can immediately apply what you have learned during the course.

Training course for maintenance and repair of piston compressors


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