Combined horizontal oil separators

The lubrication oil expelled from the volumetric compressors is carried away by the refrigerant and causes the following effects:

  • Progressive reduction of the oil level in the compressor crankcase, resulting in possible mechanical damage;
  • alteration of the quality, physical and thermodynamic properties of the refrigerant;
  • reduction of the performance of the exchangers (evaporators and condensers) which can reach 30% with finned tube evaporators.

TECNAC SACH combined horizontal oil separators proposed by GE.RE.CO. srl of Cesano Boscone Milan, effectively retain the oil dispersed in the refrigerant, allowing it to return immediately to the compressor crankcase. In fact, they adopt, in sequence, three systems of mechanical action: centrifugal, demister and coalescent.

The coalescing filters adopted for refrigeration systems with HFC or ammonia (NH3) refrigerants have a low pressure drop allowing extremely efficient management.

The filter elements are based on three-dimensional microfibre surfaces consisting of glass fibers coated with borosilicate, which acts as an oil and hydro repellent.

Using the following filtration processes: retention by direct impact, sieve effect and diffusion effect, liquid aerosols and solid particles up to the size of 0.01 µm are retained in the filter and guarantee a high coalescence efficiency for oil separation:

  • oil separation rate up to 99.9%;
  • retention rate of particles with diameter up to 0.01 µm at 1 bar absolute 99.99999%;

TECNAC SACH horizontal oil separators can be “customized” with different types of fittings, heating resistors, safety thermostats, oil level control devices and safety valves. 

Availability of six sizes, with nominal flow rates from 840 m3 / h to 3114 m3 / h for HFC refrigerants and from 640 m3 / h to 3117 m3 / h for NH3.


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