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Tecnac Italy

GE.RE.CO. srl offers the wide range of TECNAC refrigeration products and accessories, in order to suggest new guaranteed technological solutions to the Italian market.

TECNAC technology is mainly oriented towards the use of natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and NH3, therefore focused on not damaging the environment, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse effect.

Main products

For CO2 systems, products and components are available in subcritical and transcritical versions (pressures up to 130 bar).

Coalescing oil separators are available, which can bring great energy savings to refrigeration systems, and combined horizontal oil separators three-stage high-power ammonia, which include a filter coalescing. These separators are designed based on a long experience and also on the return of valuable suggestions from customers.

The products are certified, both for the manufacturing procedure and for the quality, by Bureau Veritas. The products are marked in Module B + D in accordance with the pressure equipment directive 97/23 / EC and with the project code AD – Merkblatter and UNI EN 13445.

  • Approved welders and welding processes (manual and automatic).
  • Hydraulic tests.
  • Paint test: ISO 2409.
  • Materials approved by the directives and standards mentioned above.
  • 100% pressure test on products.
  • Non-destructive tests: radiographs, penetrating liquids.
  • Destructive tests: stress (cycles) and failure tests, in the laboratory, on periodic production batches, analyzing both the materials and the production process.

These activities and checks authorize the application of the CE marking on all products.

ISO 9001: 2008 certified with complete quality control of each component, in all processes of the production chain.

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