GE.RE.CO offers efficient solutions for many different applications in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning of environments, through the supply of specific BITZER compressors.


Optimal thermal conditions are the fundamental prerequisite for transport, the storage of goods all over the world and for numerous industrial processes. Whether in the storage and transport of food or medicine, in the cooling of industrial applications or in mobile applications on buses, trains and containers, BITZER compressors set excellent global standards, both in terms of efficiency and reliability. GE.RE.CO., through BITZER compressors, always offers suitable solutions even for the most demanding activities, such as in offshore wind farms or in hazardous areas.

Air conditioning and process cooling

A pleasant climate has a decisive impact on well-being, efficiency and safety. BITZER compressors in air conditioning systems ensure that people can work in comfortable environments. With a wide range of products, GE.RE.CO. offers the optimal solution for every application: compact and lightweight compressors for use in buses, trains, containers, ships and construction vehicle cabs, as well as particularly powerful and efficient compressors, for example, for offices and hotels.

Heat pumps

In heat pumps, BITZER compressors reveal their strengths with confidence. Both in underfloor heating systems, in the supply of hot water in sanitary systems and swimming pools, and in industrial processes – with high energy efficiency and low costs – GE.RE.CO. proposes the right compressor for each application.


Optimal and reliable operating conditions – these are not options, but absolute necessities. With BITZER compressors, goods sensitive to temperature fluctuations are always protected, even when transported by rail, container or ship, regardless of the outside climate.